When sculptor Cory Lewis decided to trade in her clay and ceramic tools for sugar and a spatula, her artistic skills and creative vision she developed as an artist translated easily to her new medium.

Like many aspiring artists and chefs, she moved to New York City. There, she worked for some of the best pastry chefs and cake designers in the industry. Cory received her formal culinary training at Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School and then went on to teach classes for the schools Pastry and Baking program. After moving to California she continued to refine her skills at West Coast venues, most notably The Carmel Highlands Inn and The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

Cory now combines her skills as a sculptor with the magical touch of a confectioner to create cakes that are truly works of art.

Cory Lewis’ cakes have appeared in Bride’s Magazine, Southern Bride Magazine, Delta Magazine, Carmel Bride, Mississippi Magazine as well as Florida Bride Magazine and Social South Magazine.


Whether for an elegant wedding, whimsical groom’s cake or fanciful birthday celebration, Cory Cakes are baked specifically for your occasion.

Baked from scratch, the ingredients used to make Cory cakes are locally sourced whenever possible – using farm fresh eggs, milk and butter. Fair trade chocolates and cocoa are used in our ganache and chocolate cake as well as locally produced stout that gives our chocolate cake it’s unique flavor and texture. Our house made double strength vanilla extract adds a rich round full flavor to all our cakes. Cory homemade jams and preserves used in your cake are made from pesticide free organically grown fruits and nuts. Organic whole grain flours, gluten free and vegan options are available upon request.


  • Double Vanilla Butter

This rich butter cake has the density of pound cake yet it's crumb is soft and light. Locally produced eggs, milk and cream give this cake it's rich velvety flavor.

  • Bourbon Chocolate

This is definitely not your average chocolate cake. It is moist rich and dense… sinfully so. There is a secret ingredient that makes this cake not overly sweet so it works well as a backdrop to other more intense flavors such as the chocolate ganache and espresso buttercream.

Cory cakes can be ordered in Double Vanilla or Bourbon Chocolate cake. These two recipes developed over the years have become the basis for the majority of our clients’ requests.

  • Purely Original

Custom flavors are available upon request.


  • Butter Cream
  • Fondant

You can choose from either butter cream or fondant icing. However, using buttercream in the hot summer months is not guaranteed.


Sweet and Savory additions for layering texture, flavor and color


Organic dried cherries are marinated in Vin Santo for twenty-four hours then simmered with whole vanilla bean, sugar and honey to make this yummy riff on Indian chutney.


Local berries and stone(d) fruit preserves are hand crafted with citrus zests and spices, adding texture as well as punching up the flavors of the creamy buttercream fillings.


All handcrafted from the juices of pink grapefruit, Meyer lemons, and key limes, passion fruit or even the ruby red beet (aahhh don’t wrinkle your nose till you’ve tried it). Name your flavor! Again, this is all about bumping up the flavor compliments and layering textures flavors and colors.


Funfettie crunchies are vanilla cookie crumbles all jumbled up with funfetti jimmies and butter then toasted up in the oven for a bit to make them crunchier. They make a great textural addition as well as colorful surprise.


A new interpretation of an old favorite, our S’mores are entirely house made. Hand cut brown sugar marshmallows sandwiched between two chocolate graham crackers dipped in bourbon caramel sauce are a decadent finale to any occasion. Wash them down with a shot of cold milk. Our S’mores can also be packaged for guest favors or shipping.


A quartet of mini donuts, mini moon pies, filled cupcakes or slices of pie all wrapped up in their own recyclable containers complete with a wooden fork makes a perfect ending.


Any kind of nut can be toasted, salted, chopped and layered to add textural as well as a salty edge that compliments espresso, caramel and chocolate flavors.


The seductive fusion of melted 60% bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream, swirled together into a silky rich filling that adds depth and texture to every cake layer.


Totally borrowed from the brilliant Christina Tossi, David Chang’s pastry chef at MILK in New York City. These really cool crumbs are salty, sweet and crunchy. I’ve added colored jimmies a la FunFetti cake, malted milk powder to give them a slightly savory accent, as well as zests and spices… these are fun to play with, add unique texture, color and flavor to make your cake totally yours.


Saffron scented vanilla cake layered with our homemade cherry chutney and your choice of either honey or pistachio buttercream. The colors and aromas not to mention the flavors and textures are rich yet subtle.


Totally old school from the deep South, cheese straws and biscuits are great savory alternatives to the last sweet bite.


A great way to say “Thank You” or just because, Cory loaded brownies aka “ Hips”, and assorted custom cookies are available for shipping to family, friends or business clients.


Cory cakes are custom tailored to fit each event. We encourage our clients to schedule a consultation as soon as the event date has been set. The initial consultation is complimentary.


The price of the cake varies, based on the details and ingredients the design calls for. The minimum order is $800 with a 50% deposit to reserve your date on our calendar. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the event.


Monday - Thursday | 10:00 A - 6:00 P


Artist’s sketches of your cake are available for purchase. The watercolor sketches are a beautiful way to remember this first day of your marriage.

Also, what could be better than a cocktail created just for your cake cutting ceremony? We love creating a special cocktail that will pair beautifully with your wedding cake flavors… so that first bite is perfection.


We encourage our clients to schedule a tasting as soon as the event date has been set. Tastings are $50, which is deducted from the cost of cake when booked.


Please download and complete the form prior to your consultation.The information you provide will help us coordinate with all parties involved. Please e-mail the completed form to
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